Fukutomi Star Terrace 福富・星降るテラス

12401240 Fukutomichō Shimotakeni, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima 739-2302

 May 2019:

On 19 May a Ginkgo sapling of Hibaku-Jumoko was planted at Star Terrace 福富・星降るテラス, a house dedicated to peace and community activities, renovated by Kindai University Architecture Professor Daisuke Tanigawa and his team, in Fukutomicho, Higashi-Hiroshima. Star Terrace is now officially a member of the GLH partner community! 

The planting ceremony was part of a peace culture exchange program, gathering students from Southern Illinois University as well as Kindai and Hiroshima Universities. The sapling was placed close to the house and watered by every student attending the ceremony. Thereafter American and Japanese students exchanged opinions on peace and Hiroshima in a vibrant atmosphere - the little Ginkgo alongside seeds of international dialogue and understanding nurtured by and for the next generation. 

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