Resources for Partners

Here are some useful resources for GLH global partners:

Making Plaques for Second-Generation Hibaku-Jumoku Saplings (PDF)

The Afghan Fellowship Legacy Projects:

"I love seeing an Afghan village brought back to life" Dr.Tetsu Nakamura (1946-2019)



・National Bulgarian Radio (in Bulgarian only), ‟Дърветата помнят - раните от Хирошима”, Aug 7, 2020

English translation;

・BBC Radio 4 PM interview with Tomoko Watanabe and Nassrine Azimi, August 6, 2020 (our interview is from 26.33)

・BBC News | MUNDO (in Spanish only), ‟Hiroshima: los árboles que sobrevivieron a la bomba atómica y hoy siembran un mensaje de paz en el mundo (también en América Latina)” by Alejandra Martins, August 5, 2020

・Hiroshima Peace Media Center, ‟Hello from UNITAR: Offspring of A-Bombed Trees to the World” by Kenta Matsuoka, December 4, 2018

・UN Special, February 2018 Edition, ‟Hiroshima’s green, timeless legacy” by Nassrine Azimi


・Hiroshima Peace Media Center, ‟Seedling grown from A-bomb survivor tree takes root overseas” by Yumi Kanazaki, May 16, 2014

・Hiroshima Peace Media Center, ‟Trees from those that survived A-bombing planted around the globe” by Sakiko Masuda, April 23, 2013

・Hiroshima Peace Media Center, ‟Green Legacy Hiroshima seeks support of Hiroshima mayor in sending seeds of A-bombed trees abroad” by Michiko Tanaka, February 13, 2012

・Hiroshima Peace Media Center, ‟Hiroshima Memo: Green Legacy Hiroshima holds potential to grow awareness to the world” by Akira Tashiro, December 28, 2011

・Hiroshima Peace Media Center, ‟Green Legacy Hiroshima: Effort gets underway” by Akira Tashiro, December 26, 2011

・The New York Times, I.H.T. OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR, ‟Dare to Dream” by Nassrine Azimi, July 4, 2011


・GLH Hibaku Jumoku Seed Picking 2020 Fall

Planting a Hiroshima peace tree, October 5, 2020, by Seattle Japanese Garden

・GLH Hibaku Jumoku Seed Picking 2019 Fall

・Hiroshima-Nagasaki Midpoint Planting Ceremony, September 21, 2019

・Testimony by Ms. Hideko TAMURA-SNIDER, founder of One Sunny Day Initiative, November 16, 2018

・Green Legacy Hiroshima-Singapore Project: The National University of Singapore (NUS) Tembusu College, and The Singapore Botanical Garden, April 4, 2014