GLH Core Activities

 December 2022:

On December 10th - international Human Rights Day - GLH team and partners gathered under the Kurogane holly tree at Hiroshima Castle, for one of our important seed-picking events. We then headed to pick seeds of the Hackberry and Permission trees at historic Atago Pond. It was wonderful to gather in person again for the first time after COVID-19 -- a peaceful moment for all as always, and we felt the resilience of the trees.

The following week our core team — our coordinator Nassrine Azimi, Master Gardener Chikara Horiguchi, Haruka Yasuda, and Benjamin Echikson from GLH team — went for seed picking at the Camphor tree by the Motomachi Apartments. Thanks to the magical power of the A-bombed trees, the rain and snow stopped before the seed-picking day, and we were able to collect a lot of seeds single-mindedly!

 May 2022:

On May 25th the Hiroshima Hibaku-jumoku Working Group Meeting was held (in person for the first time since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic) at the UNITAR offices in Hiroshima. It was very useful to share updates and ideas, dreams and realities, about the Hibaku-jumoku, and wonderful to do so in person!

 November 2021:

The seed picking season started in September! Thus far we have picked seeds of Camellia japonica at Yoshijima Shrine, the Jujube on Peace Ave., Ginkgo biloba seeds in Shukkeien Gardens, and the Kurogane holly in Hiroshima Castle. Due to the pandemic, this year too seed-picking was organized in relatively small groups, though for the latest — seed-picking at Hiroshima Castle — we were happy to be joined by many partners — notably Mayor for Peace, Hiroshima University, Chugoku newspaper, and young students. A wonderful tree, and a wonderful shared moment!

 October 2021:

The GLH committee meeting in 2021 finally took place in-person (as well as online) at the UNITAR office on 27th October. 

 September 2021:

The Webinar, Botanical Gardens - In Times of Conflict, and beyond, cohosted by GLH, AFLP, EDEN seminar, and BGCI, was held on 21st September 2021. We wish to thank all who attended the interview with Dr. Paul Smith and Prof. Monte Cassim — thanks to them and the wonderful speakers, it was an inspiring and informative hour. We are grateful to BGCI colleagues, for their flexibility and intellectual generosity in preparation of the session. You can find the recording and other relevant documents below.


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