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Green Legacy Hiroshima has been established to safeguard and spread worldwide the seeds and saplings of Hiroshima’s A-Bomb survivor trees. It is hoped that many partners will join this initiative and become active ambassadors in their countries of Hiroshima, its peace message and its green legacy.

Despite the pandemic this past year — it was also the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki — thanks to you all our work at GLH continued, and has even strengthened. Gentle power of the A-bombed trees: they modestly stand still here in Hiroshima, while reaching out to the entire planet with their universal message of caution and hope! 
Just miraculous. 
Herewith a 3-minute video message—created by our GLH Focal Point, Yuko Baba.

Happy and Blessed New Year!

See more from this short video of the 2021 GLH New year greetings


Partners in Profile December 2020 Entry features Faezeh Mahichi, Associate Professor of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan



Partners in Profile November 2020 Entry features Abdelghani El Asli, Associate Professor of Biology at Al Akhawayn University, Morocco


The Afghan Fellowship Legacy Projects (AFLP):

Botanical Gardens Network (BG-Net) page was born. Please click the below logo and find the detail.


Japanese Pamphlet 日本語パンフレット

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Midpoint Planting Ceremony

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See here for 2019-2020 Hibaku second-generation seeds availability for dispatch.

Latest Updates

San Diego Botanic Garden
San Diego Botanic Garden - May 2020

GLH Coordinator Nassrine Azimi visited the little Ginkgo donated by her mother on behalf of GLH to the San Diego Botanical Garden in Encinitas, California. It is looking superbly healthy, and will be planted in soil in about two years. SDBG Curator, Jeremy Bugarchich, is in the picture with the Ginkgo. 

Hiroshima University
Hiroshima University - April 2020

Thanks to Professor Shin-ichi Uye, GLH friend and Committee member, a second-generation survivor Aogiri (Chinese Parasol) was planted on the campus of Hiroshima University.  The official ceremony, to plant all species of Hibaku Jumoku and creating the ’Small Peace Path’ on campus was canceled.  But this did not stop our devoted Prof. Uye from marking this special week — and Earth Day — by planting this lone sapling. It shall hopefully soon be joined by its many other friends!

Picture #3 is from Earth Day Planting at Tembusu College, Singapore, in 2014 with Professor Uye on the right.

The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE)
The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) - November 2020

GLH has a new partner in North Ireland! The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) aims to create opportunities to inspire their students of horticulturalists about the ability of plants to connect people worldwide through this partnership. Dr. Nassrine Azimi, our coordinator, and Yuko BABA, focal point of GLH secretariat, gave a lecture on 16th November and shared the stories of the Hibaku-jumoku as well as the history of GLH and current activities of GLH partners.

Lady Doak College
Lady Doak College - March 2019

The first ever patch of Hibaku-jumoku seeds to India reached Madurai safely in March 2019. Our partners at Lady Doak College had the occasion of blessing the seeds at the Thanksgiving Service for the Culmination of Platinum Jubilee celebrations. They plan to have a special committee of environmental experts to further plan the exact location for planting the seeds.

Polish Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden – Center for Biological Diversity Conservation
Polish Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden – Center for Biological Diversity Conservation - March 2019

The seeds arrived safely in Poland. Some of them were already sprouting! The team put them in the greenhouse condition right away. 

Tibet Center Austria
Tibet Center Austria - July 2019

Three years after a batch of Hibaku seeds arrived in Austria, the first Gingko sapling therein has been planted at the Tibet Center Austria in Huettenberg, Carinthia. At a ceremony filled with peace and friendship, the planting ceremony was the highlight event marking the birthday of H.H. Dalai Lama on 6 July. Gesche Tenzin Dhargye, Master of the Tibet Center, prayed for the Gingko along with Mayor of the town, Josef Ofner as the first A-bombed tree was being planted in Austrian soil. 

Check out the website update of Tibet Center Austria in German and English:

Al Akhawayn University
Al Akhawayn University - May 2019

Jujube and Enoki seeds have sprouted and growing some baby leaves under the good care of the team at Al Akhawayn University, GLH's first partner in Morocco. Jujube is not a species easy to grow even at Hiroshima Botanical Garden so GLH is excited to see the Hibaku Jujube taking root at a new home in North Africa and the establishment of a new partnership for the future working-together for nature and for peace. 

Kutaisi Botanical Garden
Kutaisi Botanical Garden - March 2017

Seeds safely arrived at the Kutaisi Botanical Garden, one of GLH’s newest partners.

Oslo Botanical Garden
Oslo Botanical Garden - December 2017

On the margins of the Nobel Prize ceremony for ICAN, a beautiful green moment with hackberry, Jujube, Ginkgo and Kurogane holly offered to Oslo Botanical Garden in presence of mayors of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Oslo.

Leiden Botanical Garden
Leiden Botanical Garden - June 2017

Raised from seed under the able care of GLH partner Thierry Hogan in France, a beautiful ginkgo was sent to the historical Leiden Botanical Garden in the Netherlands. Special thanks to Shuhei Nishiyama, former UNITAR intern, Dr. Rinny Kooi of Leiden, and Marty Friedriksen and friends, all of whom rallied to get this ginkgo safely to destination. Dr. Siebold’s spirit will be pleased.