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Green Legacy Hiroshima has been established to safeguard and spread worldwide the seeds and saplings of Hiroshima’s A-Bomb survivor trees. It is hoped that many partners will join this initiative and become active ambassadors in their countries of Hiroshima, its peace message and its green legacy.

Best wishes from Green Legacy Hiroshima

Partners in Profile The entry for January 2022 features Dr. Hideko Tamura-Snider, Chairperson, One Sunny Day Initiatives, Oregon.

Partners in Profile The second entry for December 2021 features Ari Novy, PhD, San Diego Botanic Garden, California.

Partners in Profile The December entry for 2021 features Sharapiya Kakimova, PhD, National Agency for Research and Development, Chile.


Partners in Profile The second entry for November 2021 features one of our partners from Sweden. Kourosh Lotfi, MD, Linkoping Medical University, Linkoping.


Partners in Profile The November entry of 2021 features GLH's partner in the Netherlands. Dr. Rinny E. Kooi, Botanical Curator, Singelpark.

The Webinar, Botanical Gardens - In Times of Conflict, and beyond, cohosted by GLH, AFLP, EDEN seminar, and BGCI, was held on 21st September 2021. We wish to thank all who attended the interview with Dr. Paul Smith and Prof. Monte Cassim — thanks to them and the wonderful speakers, it was an inspiring and informative hour. We are grateful to BGCI colleagues, for their flexibility and intellectual generosity in preparation of the session. You can find the recording and other relevant documents below.


Botanic Garden Conservation International

The Global Tree Assessment

The Afghan Fellowship Legacy Projects/Botanical Gardens Network

The EDEN Seminars

Tools for self reliance Japan

San Diego Botanic Garden (SDBG) in California, and the College of Agriculture, Food & Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) in Northern Ireland

We are delighted that the SDBG and CAFRE have accepted to become GLH regional hubs.  We hope their help will facilitate the sharing of A-bombed tree seeds with more partners in the US and UK.

In July 2021, we marked the 10th anniversary of Green Legacy Hiroshima, a milestone worth celebrating.  The short video below created by Yuko Baba, hopefully captures some of the highlights and beautiful partnerships of this past decade.

Thanks to Mr. Chris Moore and the UNITAR Hiroshima Office, we are excited to share two videos focusing on GLH and A-bombed buildings and trees, made for the 2021 Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Training Programme. Held on March 2021 online, it aimed to provide a deeper understanding of what happened in Hiroshima and the subsequent sacrifices and efforts of the citizens and the local government.

A-Bombed Buildings and Survivor Trees_Disarmament_2021:

Partners in Profile July 2021 Entry features Dr. Tetsuya Sera, Director of the Hiroshima Botanical Garden, and Dr. Shuichi Hamatani, Assistant Director of Management Section, Hiroshima Botanical Garden


The Afghan Fellowship Legacy Projects (AFLP):

Botanical Gardens Network (BGNet) page was born. Please click the below logo and find the detail.


Japanese Pamphlet 日本語パンフレット

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Midpoint Planting Ceremony

Video here

See here for 2021-2022 Hibaku second-generation seeds availability for dispatch.

Latest Updates

Millennium Seed Bank (MSB)
Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) - December 2021

The Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) hosted by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew has issued its December newsletter. It includes an article announcing the arrival of Hiroshima Hibaku-jumoku seeds sent by GLH (pdf only). Titled “Seeds of hope from Hiroshima,” it also announces our plans for a long-term MSB-GLH relationship.

Activities in Hiroshima
Activities in Hiroshima - November 2021

The seed picking season started in September! Thus far we have picked seeds of Camellia japonica at Yoshijima Shrine, the Jujube on Peace Ave., Ginkgo biloba seeds in Shukkeien Gardens, and the Kurogane holly in Hiroshima Castle. Due to the pandemic, this year too seed-picking was organized in relatively small groups, though for the latest — seed-picking at Hiroshima Castle — we were happy to be joined by many partners — notably Mayor for Peace, Hiroshima University, Chugoku newspaper, and young students. A wonderful tree, and a wonderful shared moment!

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - August 2021

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), our dedicated partner, shared the new update of the second generation Ginkgo tree! You can compare to the photo taken in 2016, the sapling is growing healthy (Genki, 元気, in Japanese) under the good care of the UCLA team.

Australian National University
Australian National University - December 2021

The ginkgo tree is growing healthy and strong at the Australian National University (ANU). Professor Ramesh Thakur, who did so much to make the planting happen, has completed his assignment there, but the Director of the Crawford School at ANU, will remain as focal point and continue to update on the status of the sapling.


Umuco Mwiza School
Umuco Mwiza School - September 2021

In early autumn, just as persimmon fruits start to mature in Japan, ANT-Hiroshima, the NGO Think About Education in Rwanda, and GLH organized an online session with the Umuco Mwiza School in Rwanda. Ms. Watanabe, Executive Director of ANT-Hiroshima and the GLH co-founder, told the story of the Hibaku-jumoku. GLH co-founder Dr. Azimi and Ms. Baba of GLH secretariat showed the video that focused on the persimmon tree, the mother tree of the sapling in Umuco Mwiza school. Then, Marie-Louise san made the presentation about the conditions of Rwanda’s persimmon sapling.

Through the video, students learned about the specificity of the persimmon tree, the relationship between the Japanese and persimmon, and how to treat the persimmon in Rwanda. We hope the students will gradually learn about the relationship between peace and nature through taking care of their saplings, while strengthening their research skills and botanical knowledge .


Botanical Garden of Vilnius University
Botanical Garden of Vilnius University - November 2021

Under the excellent care by the partners at Botanical Garden of Vilnius University, the Ginkgo there is growing very well, despite the much colder climate than that of Japan.

United Nations European Headquarters
United Nations European Headquarters - December 2021

The ginkgo sapling planted on the grounds of Ariana Park of the UN Office at Geneva is growing well, now almost two meters tall and has a robust trunk. Hope it will continue growing well despite the cold weather in Geneva.

Leiden Botanical Garden
Leiden Botanical Garden - August 2021

GLH Partner in the Netherlands, Dr. Rinny Kooi has shared two updates — about the Japanese Hackberry (Celtis) at the Protestant women's monastery in Switzerland, and the Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) in Blekers Park in Leiden. Both are doing very well indeed. Dr. Kooi also sent us the beautiful message below, which we share with GLH family:

"Best Friends in Hiroshima

August 6 is indeed a very important date. To never forget. I am very happy to involved in GLH as a biologist! It is perhaps my most important volunteer work. I feel very closely involved with you, with this group of friends. In this world where more and more countries want nuclear bombs, your message of peace is very important."

University College Cork Arboretum
University College Cork Arboretum - November 2021

Thanks to the University College Cork (UCC), Ireland had now joined the GLH family as a partner.

Dr. Eoin Lettice, Focal Point for GLH at UCC, welcomed the partnership with GLH. "The UCC Arboretum dates to the 1840s and includes a variety of important and impressive specimen trees. It's exciting to have the opportunity to add such historic trees to the collection through the exchange of these offspring of the unique survivor trees (or 'Hibakujumoku'). Apart from the scientific interest, I welcome the opportunity to engage with the principles of Green Legacy Hiroshima and to recall the dangers and futility of war; the resilience of nature; and to promote global peace and cooperation” he wrote.

The seeds will remain in cold storage in UCC over winter, and germinated at the School of Biological Earth & Environmental Sciences (BEES) plant growth facilities in early 2022.

We hope that the Hiroshima seedlings can continue calling for a nuclear-free, healthy planet, and thrive on Irish soil.

Municipality of Poertschach am Woerthersee
Municipality of Poertschach am Woerthersee - October 2021

On October 29th, our devoted partner Mr. Michael Kosch formally offered a Ginkgo, a Diospyros kaki, and a Celtis to the Poertschach am Woerthersee, Carinthia. The saplings are planted in a "protected landscape area." A harmonious celebration with Mayor Silvia Häusl-Benz, and Children's Mayor Miriam Madrutter and other citizens marked the event.