September 2021:

The Webinar, Botanical Gardens - In Times of Conflict, and beyond, cohosted by GLH, AFLP, EDEN seminar, and BGCI, was held on 21st September 2021. We wish to thank all who attended the interview with Dr. Paul Smith and Prof. Monte Cassim — thanks to them and the wonderful speakers, it was an inspiring and informative hour. We are grateful to BGCI colleagues, for their flexibility and intellectual generosity in preparation of the session. You can find the recording and other relevant documents below.

Recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW1Nvqw4Df0

Botanic Garden Conservation International https://www.bgci.org

The Global Tree Assessment https://www.bgci.org/our-work/projects-and-case-studies/global-tree-assessment/

The Afghan Fellowship Legacy Projects/Botanical Gardens Network https://aflp.unitar.org

The EDEN Seminars https://www.edenseminars.org

Tools for self reliance Japan http://www.tfsr.jp/english-1.html


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