August 2019:

On 30 August, a Hiabaku camellia japonica sapling was planted on the grounds of Sophia University, one of the most prestigious Japanese universities. Sophia University thus is now officially a member of the GLH global community!

Mr. Nikhil Seth, Executive Director of UNITAR, and Ms. Miki Sugimura, Vice President for Global Academic Affairs from Sophia University, each gave a speech at the planting ceremony coordinated by the two institutions. Mr. Michimasa Hirata, a representative of Hiroshima A-bomb survivors, also attended at the invitation of UNITAR and gave his A-bomb survivor testimony.  As the flower that blooms in winter months, the symbolic language of camellia is “my destiny is in your hands.” Mr. Hirata called for his strong wish to "never use the atomic bomb again" and take “our destiny" in our own collective hands. 

The planting ceremony was covered by Chugoku Newspaper in Japanese: https://www.chugoku-np.co.jp/local/news/article.php?comment_id=566351&comment_sub_id=0&category_id=256

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