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Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego

2215 Pan American Rd E, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

 July 2018:

'Mr. Mike Kawamura, dedicated friend and partner for GLH, indomitable guardian of Hiroshima survivor trees and tireless peace activist at the San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden sends the following note about the Camphor, Aogiri and Fuji Wisteria that were planted in 2015, surviving and thriving despite the Southern California draughts.

'Since we held peace tree planting ceremony in October, 2015, the camphor tree has been growing very well.

It is over 8 feet high now. It will be a large tree in near future and remind our visitors about life, hope and peace. The other trees, Fuji and Aogiri (Chinese parasol) are still fighting with the soil in southern California but growing little by little. SD-WISH (San Diego Worldwide Initiative to Safeguard Humanity) will hold the ceremony at 8 am on August 6 at San Diego

Yokohama Friendship Bell on Shelter Island and Floating of Paper Lanterns Event that evening'.

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