July 2019:

Thanks to the tireless Tiziana Volta several sites in Italy were entrusted with the Hibaku-Jumoku. These include:

  • Ome, Province of Brescia
  • Venaus, Metropolitan City of Turin
  • Milan, Lombardy
    • "Gandhi" Primary School
    • Bosco dei Faggi, a memorial to the victims of Linate Airport disaster in 2001
    • Molise-Calvairate District
  • Livorno, Province of Livorno
  • Bolzaneto Primary School, Metropolitan City of Genoa (where the 1967 Morandi bridge collapsed last year, killing 43, fifth bridge to collapse in Italy in the past five years, shedding light on the broader context of aging Italian infrastructure.)
  • Reflection Park Giorgi, Province of Parma
  • Accadia, Province of Foggia

Tiziana and her partners are also preparing for a trip to the Mediterranean Sea, to share the knowledge of the Hibaku-Jumoku and the peace message of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Their goal is to board the Peace Boat on November 5th in Barcelona.

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