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Green Legacy Hiroshima has been established to safeguard and spread worldwide the seeds and saplings of Hiroshima’s A-Bomb survivor trees. It is hoped that many partners will join this initiative and become active ambassadors in their countries of Hiroshima, its peace message and its green legacy.

Latest Updates

Activities in Hiroshima - December 2018

The 2018 Hiroshima Shudo University/GLH first TaikenJissen Successfully Completed!

Four students of Hiroshima Shudo University participated in the first TaikenJissen (field experience/community work) program in partnership with Green Legacy Hiroshima.

The initial briefings started in late spring 2018, and the actual program unfolded during the University’s Fall term. It was indeed a unique experience and not just for the students! Under the direct supervision of Prof. Nassrine Azimi of HSU/GLH, Mr. Kenta Matsuoka of UNITAR/GLH and Prof. Mitsuko Takei of HSU, with the help of many GLH members as well as Dean Yabe of HSU the four team-members Azusa Fuji, Anna Inaga, Yuka Kodama and Miyabi Ogawa successfully completed their TaikenJissen in late November.  In the process the students could learn not just about the many legacies of Hiroshima’s survivor trees and the volunteer campaign of GLH, but also about managing and leading projects, and working as a team. They had the chance to interview key members of the GLH family, especially Master Gardener Horiguchi, visited the trees on a number of occasions individually and as a group, did reaserch and translation work about the trees, and participated with other volunteers in seed-picking events.  

The hope for the future is that these bright young students will carry forward to the next generation the message of peace and resilience of Hiroshima’s survivor trees. In view of this first year success, the HSU/GLH TaikenJissen is set to continue in 2019. 

Hiroshima Shudo University News:

Activities in Hiroshima - December 2018

Visiting the Peace Park and some of the Hibaku-Jumoku with the participants of the UNITAR Women’s Leadership Program for Afghanistan itself a lesson in hope and inspiration.  Like the trees these young women are so full of life, and so determined to change the destiny of their country.

Activities in Hiroshima - November 2018

GLH Seed-picking 2018

As in past years GLH Master Gardener Horiguchi-san guided us through the 2018 seed-picking season. This started on a rainy day in early September with the lone Jujube on the western end of Hiroshima’s Peace Avenue. In late September we picked seeds of the Camellia tree by Yoshijima Shrine. In late November the GLH family--this year including a team of four students from Hiroshima Shudo University—came together on a beautiful day for seed-picking of the magnificent Ginkgo biloba tree in Shukkeien Garden and Kurogane holly in Hiroshima Castle. Finally on a cold early December day we went to Atago-pond grove by Peace Avenue, to watch as Master Gardener Horiguchi-san climbed the Persimmon, Hackberry and Muku trees, in search of seeds! He will now prepare them, then take for storage to Hiroshima Botanical Garden where they will be watched over by Dr. Hamatani, until dispatch to our partners.

As every year, it was moving to watch these gentle beautiful trees give so generously. May they change the world, one seed at a time.

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International Committee of the Red Cross - October 2018

….meanwhile at the ICRC Headquarters in Geneva, the Ginkgo just keeps getting taller—since 2013 this is what generous Nature has accomplished!

Avon City - October 2018

Thanks to efforts of Michael McCue, GLH partner, a string of second generation Hiroshima survivor trees growing across the Northeast, braving the elements along with the rest of us—as succinctly described by our friends at St. Anselm College, New Hampshire

'Like everything else up here it (the Ginkgo) had spring drought, summer heat, and fall drowning, but it’s doing fine!'

Activities in Hiroshima - October 2018

Hosted by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), the International Organizations II class of Professor Azimi at Hiroshima Shudo University (HSU) conducted its 2018 study visit on October 3. The class, which had earlier explored the history and theory of intergovernmental and non- governmental organizations now aimed, through this study visit, to gain an understanding of some of the practical aspects of international work. Students received a lecture about the work of the Peace Culture Village by its founder and chairman of board, Mr. Steve Leeper. They then learned about the work of UNITAR and the A-bomb trees through the global seed campaign Green Legacy Hiroshima. The study visit concluded a walk and commentary on a few A-bombed survivor trees in and around the Peace Memorial Park.

Activities in Hiroshima - September 2018

September 28–The collaborative TaikenJissen between Hiroshima Shudo University and GLH received a special visit and lecture from master-gardener Mr. Horiguchi. Students were also given a briefing about the Peace Memorial Park and the Hiroshima Aogiri tree.

Bluegrass Community and Technical College - September 2018

Another ginkgo adapting beautifully on the university of Kentucky campus. Thank you Rebecca and colleagues!

Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego - July 2018

'Mr. Mike Kawamura, dedicated friend and partner for GLH, indomitable guardian of Hiroshima survivor trees and tireless peace activist at the San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden sends the following note about the Camphor, Aogiri and Fuji Wisteria that were planted in 2015, surviving and thriving despite the Southern California draughts.

'Since we held peace tree planting ceremony in October, 2015, the camphor tree has been growing very well.

It is over 8 feet high now. It will be a large tree in near future and remind our visitors about life, hope and peace. The other trees, Fuji and Aogiri (Chinese parasol) are still fighting with the soil in southern California but growing little by little. SD-WISH (San Diego Worldwide Initiative to Safeguard Humanity) will hold the ceremony at 8 am on August 6 at San Diego

Yokohama Friendship Bell on Shelter Island and Floating of Paper Lanterns Event that evening'.

Activities in Hiroshima - July 2018

The 2nd generation persimmon tree (kaki) planted in 2012 by UNITAR is already bearing fruit (and bearing record heats in Hiroshima!)