Costa Rica



School of Biology, University of Costa Rica

Ciudad Universitaria Rodrigo Facio Brenes, San José, San Pedro

 December 2023:

In early December our partner, Professor Gerardo Avalos at the University of Costa Rica, hosted a webinar focusing on the Hiroshima hibakujumoku. His lecture covered GLH’s efforts to distribute seeds from the A-bomb survivor trees worldwide, along with the narrative of these seeds in Costa Rica. Titled “Árboles de la Paz de Hiroshima” – “The Trees of Peace from Hiroshima”, the webinar provided insights into the many ways Prof. Avalos, his students and colleagues have found, to share the message of peace and love of nature that the trees and GLH represent. Additional information is available on the project’s Facebook page, and an article about the initiative can be found on the University of Costa Rica’s website (all in Spanish).

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