Umuco Mwiza School

Kigali, Rwanda

 September 2021:

In early autumn, just as persimmon fruits start to mature in Japan, ANT-Hiroshima, the NGO Think About Education in Rwanda, and GLH organized an online session with the Umuco Mwiza School in Rwanda. Ms. Watanabe, Executive Director of ANT-Hiroshima and the GLH co-founder, told the story of the Hibaku-jumoku. GLH co-founder Dr. Azimi and Ms. Baba of GLH secretariat showed the video that focused on the persimmon tree, the mother tree of the sapling in Umuco Mwiza school. Then, Marie-Louise san made the presentation about the conditions of Rwanda’s persimmon sapling.

Through the video, students learned about the specificity of the persimmon tree, the relationship between the Japanese and persimmon, and how to treat the persimmon in Rwanda. We hope the students will gradually learn about the relationship between peace and nature through taking care of their saplings, while strengthening their research skills and botanical knowledge .



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