November 2021:

Thanks to the University College Cork (UCC), Ireland had now joined the GLH family as a partner.

Dr. Eoin Lettice, Focal Point for GLH at UCC, welcomed the partnership with GLH. "The UCC Arboretum dates to the 1840s and includes a variety of important and impressive specimen trees. It's exciting to have the opportunity to add such historic trees to the collection through the exchange of these offspring of the unique survivor trees (or 'Hibakujumoku'). Apart from the scientific interest, I welcome the opportunity to engage with the principles of Green Legacy Hiroshima and to recall the dangers and futility of war; the resilience of nature; and to promote global peace and cooperation” he wrote.

The seeds will remain in cold storage in UCC over winter, and germinated at the School of Biological Earth & Environmental Sciences (BEES) plant growth facilities in early 2022.

We hope that the Hiroshima seedlings can continue calling for a nuclear-free, healthy planet, and thrive on Irish soil.

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