Costa Rica



School of Biology, University of Costa Rica

Ciudad Universitaria Rodrigo Facio Brenes, San José, San Pedro

 March 2023:

The Ginkgo biloba seedlings are a source of great pride and joy for the University of Costa Rica. Despite their modest height of 20cm, Dr. Alvados takes them along to his talks on the hibakujumoku, captivating audiences with their unusual beauty and the message behind the GLH project. Ginkgos are a rare sight in the tropics, making these seedlings even more special and intriguing. One moment that stood out for Dr. Alvados was during a presentation to an Ecology course at the University of Costa Rica: one year after the first seedling had germinated, he mentioned that it was the Ginkgo's ‘birthday’ and to his surprise, the attending students burst into a rendition of "Happy Birthday". It was a deeply moving moment, a reminder of the power of nature to touch hearts.


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