October 2014:

On 7 October 2014, a planting ceremony was held with some 50 participants, including Botanical Garden Director Dr. Jože Bavcon, Ljubljana City Deputy Mayor Ms. Jelka Žekar, and Ambassador of Japan to Slovenia H.E. Mr. Shigemi Jomori. Five ginkgo and hackberry saplings, about 40 to 80 cm tall, were individually replanted into a larger clay pot by Mr. Jomori, Ms. Žekar, Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO President Stanislav R. Pejovnik, Hiroshima University Professor Shin-ichi Uye, and University of Ljubljana Professor Ivan Svetlik. The saplings will eventually be planted on the university campus after new buildings are completed.

March 2014:

The trees were growing happily in the Ljubljana Botanical Garden, which also functions as a teaching garden for Ljubljana University. A planting ceremony was envisaged for this year, most likely at the time of the official opening of the university's new Chemistry building in autumn.

Professor Uye visited the saplings and had a meeting with the rector of the University regarding a planting ceremony the next year for the saplings. He reports that ginkgo and hackberry saplings are growing in good shape and are around 30 to 50 cm tall. However, the jujube seeds have not germinated yet.

On July 23, the hackberry saplings were transplanted, and now the garden has 12 ginkgo and 18 hackberry saplings. Ljubljana had an extremely hot summer, with temperatures near 40 degrees on certain days. The garden staff watered the plants daily and made shadows for the small and delicate ones.

June 2013:

On 11 June, ginkgo, jujube, and hackberry seeds were delivered. Some of the ginkgo and hackberry seeds had already started germinating. “With extreme care and respect,” as Janja Makše wrote, the seeds were planted in pots. By June 20, the ginkgo, jujube, and hackberry seeds were already growing. The ginkgo seeds were germinating and hackberry seedlings were then 2 cm high and growing well. They continued growing throughout July, and the ginkgo and hackberry were planted in individual pots. 


Radlje ob Dravi City (a Mayors for Peace member city)

Mariborska cesta 7 2360 Radlje ob Dravi

October 2015:

Seeds, planted in May, have germinated.