New Zealand



January 2020:

Thanks to Mr. Lee Valence we have some updates from Dunedin Botanic Garden in New Zealand: 'The Manager recently inspected the saplings, photos displayed here. They are seen located outside in their shade house, in two different sized pots. The tallest is approximately 450 mm tall and the smallest is around 200 mm tall. The weather in the shade house in the last two months has not been the most ideal, but the saplings are all still healthy and growing!'

September 2017:

The seeds have arrived in Dunedin. The local Otago Daily Times ran a story covering their delivery. 

August 2017:

Partnership with the Dunedin Botanic Garden has been established, and seeds will be sent shortly. GLH received a letter from Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull, in which he looks forward to strengthening ties between Hiroshima and Dunedin through symbolic seeds that "remind us of the possibility of new life."