June 2018:

Leiden Botanical Garden continues to help spread the message of peace from Hiroshima. Herewith the sapling it donated for the gardens of the Peace Palace--in excellent health, under the loving care of Rinny Kooi and Shuhei Nishiyama.

November 2017:

There may be plans for Leiden Botanical Garden to plant the Ginkgo biloba offered by GLH on the grounds of the International Court of Justice in The Hague! We shall keep you posted....

September 2017:

Almost all of the seeds have germinated, and the saplings are growing quickly at Leiden. Garden staff sought hosts to take care of the trees over the summer, potentially for exhibition, in order to spread the story of hibakujumoku to more people in the Netherlands.

June 2017:

Raised from seed under the able care of GLH partner Thierry Hogan in France, a beautiful ginkgo was sent to the historical Leiden Botanical Garden in the Netherlands. Special thanks to Shuhei Nishiyama, former UNITAR intern, Dr. Rinny Kooi of Leiden, and Marty Friedriksen and friends, all of whom rallied to get this ginkgo safely to destination. Dr. Siebold’s spirit will be pleased.