Afghan Legacy Project Botanic Garden Network

 January 2020:

On January 31st, the inaugural seminar for the Afghan Botanical Garden Networks, part of the Afghan Fellowship Legacy Projects (AFLP) of UNITAR, was launched at the EDEN (Emerging and Developing Economies Network) Seminar, held at Shizenkan University, Tokyo, Japan.  Afghanistan's Ambassador to Japan Dr. Bashir Mohabbat and the architect Professor Hiroshi Naito spoke alongside GLH Coordinator Dr. Nassrine Azimi about Afghanistan and botanical gardens. President Monte Cassim of Shizenkan University chaired the session.  We look forward to expanding this project to include many allies with interest in botanical gardens, and will be in touch with our global GLH partner botanical gardens with more details soon. See more information here: https://www.edenseminars.org/ouractivities/eden-seminar-iii.


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