United Kingdom



Aberdeen City Council (a Mayors for Peace member city)

Marischal College Broad Street Aberdeen AB10 1AB

June 2015:

Ginkgo seeds were dispatched and receipt confirmed.

May 2015:

Ginkgo and Kurogane holly seeds were delivered.

City of Edinburgh (a Mayors for Peace member city)

Waverley Court 4 East Market Street Edinburgh EH8 8BG

January 2016:

Some 14 ginkgo saplings growing at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh are now 10-15 cm tall.

James Allen’s Girls’ School

144 E Dulwich Grove, London SE22 8TE, UK

April 2015:

Some of the gingko seeds are starting to grow small shoots, but the jujube and Kurogane holly have not sprouted yet. All seeds were delivered in March 2015.

March 2015:

Ginkgo seeds delivered. 

November 2015:

On 16 November 2015, ginkgo seeds were planted, marking the end of a Week of Prayer for Peace and Reconciliation.

April 2015:

Ginkgo seeds, delivered in November 2014, have started germinating.