September 2017:

The university has launched a website about their Green Legacy project.

August 2015:

An exposition with the seedlings was held for 10 days. The exposition included a ceremony on the 6 August with local authorities, members of UNESCO, the National Institute of Human Rights, and the Japanese Embassy at the Casa Museo Santa Rosa de Apoquindo in Santiago.

April 2015:

The saplings are in good health. Volunteers helped with plant care and the preparation of activities to commemorate 6 August.

August 2013:

Director of the National Botanic Garden Mr. Pedro Gallardo Burgos, Viña del Mar, and Universidad Austral de Chile Botanic Garden Director Mr. Mython Jimenez-Castillo visited Hiroshima. They attended the Peace Memorial Ceremony on 6 August. The next day, joined by Agricultural Counsellor of Embassy of Chile in Tokyo Mr. Vincente Pinto L., they visited Hiroshima Botanical Garden and A-bombed trees in Hiroshima.

October 2012:

Seeds reach the botanical garden of Universidad Austral, Valdivia.