International Committee of the Red Cross

Avenue de la Paix 19, 1202 Genève, Switzerland

September 2016:

The gingko at ICRC headquarters is growing stronger and stronger.

March 2016:

The ICRC's ginkgo sapling made it through the Swiss winter.

October 2015:

The ginkgo sapling is growing in good health.

August 2013:

A planting ceremony took place at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The gingko sapling, delivered last month by a UNITAR team to the ICRC headquarters, is doing well. Mr. Patrick Bailo, responsible for the ICRC gardens, praised the tree and confirmed its readiness for planting during a special ceremony on 6 August.

November 2016:

A plaque with GLH's symbol mark has been established next to the sapling.

October 2015:

Ginkgo sapling were delivered to the municipality of Sait-Suplice, to be planted on college grounds in the future.

Renens City (a Mayors for Peace member city)

Rue de Lausanne, 33 1020 Renens, Vaud

July 2015:

Ginkgo seeds were dispatched and receipt confirmed.

United Nations European Headquarters

1211 Geneva, Switzerland

October 2016:

On 3 October 2016, a gingko sapling was planted by UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon on the grounds of Ariana Park, at the UN European Headquarters in Geneva. Arborist Chikara Horiguchi represented GLH at the ceremony.

May 2016:

The ginkgo to be planted by the UN Secretary-General in the fall was given by Mayor Matsui to Mr. Michael Moller, director-general of the United Nations European Headquarters at Geneva, on 2 May 2016.

March 2016:

The ginkgo to be planted by the UN Secretary-General in the fall is currently being nurtured by GLH partners in Vaulx, France, and will be heading to Geneva soon.