July 2016:

Ginkgo and persimmon seeds have germinated and seem to be adapting to their new Austrian home.

June 2016:

The Hiroshima Botanical Garden sent ginkgo, hackberry, persimmon, and jujube seeds, which arrived in Klagenfurt safely and were planted immediately.

July 2019:

Three years after a batch of Hibaku seeds arrived in Austria, the first Gingko sapling therein has been planted at the Tibet Center Austria in Huettenberg, Carinthia. At a ceremony filled with peace and friendship, the planting ceremony was the highlight event marking the birthday of H.H. Dalai Lama on 6 July. Gesche Tenzin Dhargye, Master of the Tibet Center, prayed for the Gingko along with Mayor of the town, Josef Ofner as the first A-bombed tree was being planted in Austrian soil. 

Check out the website update of Tibet Center Austria in German and English:

V.F.F. Research Institute Mare Nostrum e.V.

Im Rasental 6 A-8410 Wildon

October 2017:

Seeds were sent to Research Institute Mare Nostrum in Austria.