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Visit By Philip Clemo to Hiroshima to Film Survivor Trees

In September, British filmmaker Philip Clemo visited Hiroshima to film survivor trees. He also assisted and filmed a seed picking at the Shukkeien garden with GLH’s Nassrine Azimi and master gardener Chikara Horiguchi.

Greening Atomic Bomb Survivor Trees: Ecological Literacy and ENGOs as LIASE Institutional Partners | ASIANetwork Exchange A Journal for Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts

This article about Oberlin College’s collaboration with Green Legacy Hiroshima was written by Prof. Ann Sherif from Oberlin College in 2019. August 2022

"Green Hope After Black Rain (Symphony for the Survivors of Manzanar, Hiroshima and Nagasaki)"

The American composer Steve Heitzeg has created a musical piece on the Survivors of Manzanar, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which will have its world premier on May 8th, 2022.

ASH, EMBER, FLAME: a Japanese Kiln in Oxford

Amanda Chambers (RWA, MRSS) British Fine Artist was recently invited to produce work for a group exhibition in London at the Japanese Embassy. The exhibition entitled ‘Ash, Ember, Flame’ was a collaboration between the Oxford University Anagama Project and the Embassy of Japan in London. May 2022


Eight A-bomb Haiku by David Krieger, July 2020

In search of Hiroshima's 'Survivor Trees'

British Artist Amanda Chambers traveled to Hiroshima to search for the trees that survived the Atomic-Bomb in 1945 – The Hibaku-Jumoku or Survivor Trees.

She was particularly inspired by the strength of nature in the face of man-made destruction, and how today, the trees offer humanity both a silent warning and a symbol of peace. October 2018

'Ode to Green Legacy Hiroshima'

Ms. Jan Costa wrote a moving poem for GLH titled ‘Ode to Green Legacy Hiroshima.’